Mike's Songs

Mr Candy Man

Sat, 08/29/2015 - 1:04pm -- mjpierce

Hey There Mr. Candy Man
What flavors do you have on Saturday Morning?

Have you something for those feeling distorted?

Tell me how the cat's meow
Can feed the poor with puppy chow
That shouldn't stop you now.

Hey There Mr Candy Man
What stories did you bring that we were exploring

Story-telling time that we were ignoring

Tell me how to free my brain
From the chemtrail's acid rain
Was it all inSane?


Talking Rock

Tue, 06/30/2015 - 9:46pm -- mjpierce

From 2005

Talking Rock is on my mind; a simpler place, simpler time
Talking Rock is not hard to find; I close my eyes, and Church bells chime.

Talking Rock a different time, when I was young, unrefined
Talking Rock remembers me, when I go there, a jubilee

Sovereign Citizen

Wed, 06/17/2015 - 10:20pm -- mjpierce

I rented a Toyota, and I took it to the sand.
I did not need permission of any woman or any man.
Don't know where you'll find me, but I'll tell you where I'm not
On a beach chair relaxing, drinking beer and smoking pot.

You don't own me.

I command you.

I'm a Sovereign Citizen


Sat, 03/07/2015 - 2:48pm -- mjpierce

You know who this is for

Uncle Same

Mon, 02/23/2015 - 7:31am -- mjpierce

It was Daytona in my pickup truck,
In the same year that the terrorists struck

Even now I think about the man
And remember where those buildings stand

Took some time before we'd find out
It was Uncle Sam, that planned it out, and without a doubt, has a plan to get me and you.


She got my chakra

Sun, 02/15/2015 - 1:14pm -- mikepier

I write a song it can't be wrong
I'm living with the girl that I made a vow to
Feeling like I kept the promises made

She was young and I was poppin
we were in love and there was no stoppin'
I sometimes wondered why she was leading me on

She won my heart with her mashed potatoes
We always laughed she was scared of tornados
Sitting on the back porch during a storm


Wishing Well 2015

Tue, 01/06/2015 - 8:51pm -- mjpierce

There was a time I tried to write rock operas.  I'm gonna try again in 2015

Waiting on the perfect day
You'll see life just slip away
When I'm wishing in the well
I like to ride the carousel

When I'm coming on softly,
And I couldn't afford to be vague


$ lame -h export.wav wishingwell.mp3 --tt "Wishing Well" --ta "Michael J"
LAME 3.99.5 64bits (http://lame.sf.net)
Using polyphase lowpass filter, transition band: 16538 Hz - 17071 Hz
Encoding export.wav to wishingwell.mp3
Encoding as 44.1 kHz j-stereo MPEG-1 Layer III (11x) 128 kbps qval=2
    Frame          |  CPU time/estim | REAL time/estim | play/CPU |    ETA
  3857/3857  (100%)|    0:09/    0:09|    0:09/    0:09|   10.148x|    0:00
   kbps        LR    MS  %     long switch short %                             
  128.0       23.9  76.1        91.7   4.7   3.7                               
Writing LAME Tag...done
ReplayGain: -6.2dB


Wasted Bleeding Heart

Sun, 12/21/2014 - 8:00pm -- mjpierce

Just noodlin' around

Some days were meant to be wasted.
I'm just trying to do my part

Meditate in deep concentration
And all my shit's in a shopping cart


Sun, 11/30/2014 - 2:05pm -- mjpierce

The Studio is back up with full Audio/MIDI capabilities

Older than you Blues

Mon, 02/17/2014 - 11:31pm -- mjpierce

I started trippin'
On a Monday afternoon.  It wasn't pretty.
I started drinkin' just past noon.  Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa.

It comes down so hard on me,
It makes me feel like, baby, what's the use?

ChemTrail Song

Sat, 12/28/2013 - 4:14pm -- mjpierce

Planes leaving trails across the sky
Chemicals are fallin' on me.
I didn't feel bad, until I realized
They've killed off all of the Bees

I wish I could stay in my own little world
But these bastards just provoke me.
I looked at my Bible, as I picked up my rifle
And loaded up to go to DC