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Sun, 02/10/2008 - 11:32am -- mjpierce

Sources of Dangers

A look at the 3 cardinal directions from which danger approaches the life of man

From a Sermon given by A.W Tozer on March 20, 1955: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

A. The World
  1. Not Wind, or Lightning or the Sea, or the Desert, - these only threaten the body
    • Remember: The real dangers aren't threats to the body, but to the soul, the spirit of a man
  2. But through the Human Society - society organized outside the will of God.
    • Sin, Unbelief, Perversions, - -This IS its spirit
    • Our Tolerance of, a glossing over, or even ignoring of its spirit
    • However skillfully disguised, the dangers will come from this direction
      • Temptation: The World is upon us - Trying to Ignore it - The Bible instructs never to compromise with the World
      • Temptation: to see how close to being with the World we can be, without being part of it.
B. The Devil
  1. "The Dragon" - Name given when the Devil becomes entangled in the government, upon which it begins to persecute its own.
    • Not so much the individuals, but their are times when the devil can get so wound into the government that he takes it over and it starts its destructiveness
  2. "The Serpent" - The "Slickster who won't hurt you for the world" - the tempter: working by cunning and deception - and winning by compromise, tolerance, and patience
    • Not a direct blow, but motivations to lead you to transgress of your own free will
    • "Poor you, you're hungry - turn those stones to bread and get something to eat, you know you can."
  3.  "The Devil" - The Poser - A counter-puncher.  Never leads, but always ready to counterpunch.  Wherever God leads, the devil is there to try to block, or hinder
  4. "Satan" - "The Accuser".  Trys to destroy reputation before God, and before Man.


C. Self

  1. The greatest of the areas from which Danger approaches
    • Dangers in Prosperity
    • Dangers in Adversity
    • Dangers of Idleness
    • Dangers of Busyness
    • Dangers of Victory
    • Dangers of Defeat
  2. Dangers are real - only the reckless person will ignore danger signals

Conclusion: Serious minded Christians will want to know where the dangers are, what they are, how to recognize them, and how to overcome

Favorite Quote:

"Never was a better time for optimism then now, never a time to be encouraged in God more than now,  These are wild, turbulent, dangerous, dramatic days -  the four winds striving on the great seas; the moon is mourning the time when it shall be turned to blood."